Tools that we produce works to stimulate thinking and problem solving in easy ways.
Use the simple method of programming and away from the complex codes
Easy to handle No need for welding Dismantling and installation in Easy Ways
About Ibtaker

“Ibtaker for Technological Innovation” is a Palestinian company specialized in designing, training, and promoting educational kits and tools. Initially, “Ibtaker” is targeting young Arab students from elementary school level up to college level, with the goal of making “Technology” as much friendly and useful to real life as possible. To achieve this goal, Ibtaker is introducing the “Micro Control Unit” (MCU) kit with multiple levels of functionalities that is suitable for the age of the student. In real life, The (Microcontroller Unit) MCU is the microscopic computer that is used for control and automation in devices to make them “smarter”. Examples include alarm systems, cell phones, microwave, and toys. Traditionally, the MCU practice was restricted to highly sophisticated engineers. However, thanks to the rapid spread of MCU kits, the MCU has now become a more user-friendly tool. For this reason, “Ibtaker” is introducing “ MCU Lab kit – Invention Stimulator” which is a Palestinian design, and invention of a new and simple method of learning and using the MCU.

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