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Technical Support

Ibtaker provides FREE on-line technical support for its clients. In addition, Ibtaker provides FREE updates to the latest versions of the Software, Hardware Drivers, and Educational material which can be downloaded from this site.

Important Note: Visual Sysco software is intended for Window 32 bit operating system, however, it also works on Windows 64 bit operating system using the "Virtual Machine" software tools .


Sysco Lab Software System requirements:

1. Windows 7, Windows Vista , Windows XP (SP2), or Windows 2000 (SP4)

2. Microsoft Installer 3.1 : with file name  WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe


3. Dot.Net Framework 2.0: with the file name NetFx20SP2_x86.exe



The steps to install the MCU lab kit ( with FREE Downloads):

1.    1. Disconnect the PC from the network and disable  internet security software running on your PC

2. Temporarily disabling any anti-virus software

 3. Download the and extract it on a CD. 

4. Software Installation: Run SyscoLabCS_setup (The Visual Sysco Lab setup file) and follow the Software Installation Steps.  

 To be able to use the software, Dot Net Framework 2.0 must be installed (DotNetFx2.0).

5. Hardware Drivers Run "Driver Installer" installation software, then Connect the SyscoLab board to the PC or laptop using the USB cable,


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